Why Study Abroad in Canada?

There are many great reasons why you should consider Canada for your studies.

Why Study in Canada?

There are many great reasons why you should consider Canada for your studies

Safe and Friendly

Friendly people make Canada a place that welcomes everyone.


With 6 different time zones and 4 distinct seasons, Canada is the second largest country in the world with so much to offer its visitors.


Most Canadians take pride that all people deserve the same rights and respect, regardless of gender, race, religion, or cultural background.


Canada is a mosaic of cultures from around the world and visiting Canada often feels like visiting the whole

Quality Experience

Canadian schools provide academic qualifications that are recognized and respected around the world.


Canadians are known for our friendly and helpful attitude to visitors, who feel safe traveling and exploring our country



MLI has been designing and operating customized AYP programmes for more than 20 years, and has become the leading company in this field. MLI is pleased to help you create a unique experience from study tours, school integration, camps and homestay only.


Why should you choose to plan your visit to Canada with MLI?

There are endless reasons you should consider working with MLI for your Canadian studies. Below are just a few.


MLI has support staff working in communities across Canada


MLI actively runs High School programmes, Study Tours and Homestay programmes


MLI works with agencies and individuals from around the world


Your safety and well being are our priority.

Student Stories

What Past Students Say About MLI Homestay

I think staying in Canada was tough but also worth the experience! Every day I had to face new challenges like language, relationships, study, and more. It was tough, but these experiences made me grow. And Shirley (My host family) was humongous support for me to live through this lovely and challenging stay!


from, Japan

I enjoyed my life in Canada. I hung out with my friends and made many memories. The most favourite thing I did in Canada is Canada Wonderland. I went there with my host family and we had a great time riding the roller coasters.

from, Japan

The time in Canada had a lot of fun and meaningful moment such as communication with many people who I haven’t met before and experience of different culture and lifestyle. Even though I went to Canada under the covid situation, I could achieve many activities like volunteering and enjoy the time in Canada with my host family!

from, Japan


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High School

Whether you’re looking for a more academic environment, or specific classes, or a school with great sports, our wide variety of options means we have something for everyone.

Group Programmes

Group Programmes provide an opportunity for students to practice their English, integrate with local students in a high school, experience life with a host family, enjoy unique activities, and have a genuine Canadian cultural experience.

Summer Programmes

Canadian Summer Camps allow students to enjoy all the benefits of overnight camp including swimming, campfires and sunsets with the comforts of sleep cabins You have the space to live, learn and grow.