Where can I study?

The location in which you chose to study will be an important part of your experience in Canada. All regions and communities where MLI High School programs are located are selected based on their ability and willingness to welcome international students both into the community and into the schools. As each student has their own needs, we offer a variety of communities to suit your preferences. We look forward to hearing about your interests so that we can help you select the best location for your time in Canada.

The Small Town: The charm of the small town was where MLI began the high school program, and some of the happiest students admit that the warm community feeling of their town was an important factor to an overall great experience. These towns we place students in offer their own unique charm, from local festivals to friendly neighbours and a welcoming community. Most of these towns are within a few hours drive of a large urban centre, which offers the student access to more modern amenities while benefitting from the safety of living in a smaller community.

The Suburban Community: Retaining all the charm of a small town, but with more of an urban feel, many of our locations are suburban communities of larger urban centres. With populations of 100,000+, students in this kind of city experience a typical Canadian lifestyle and have access to urban amenities including shopping malls, movie theatres, sporting and recreational centres and more.

The Urban Centre: Canadian cities are known to be the most culturally diverse in the world, and will also have a large population of international students present at local schools. There are placements available in city centres for students who seek to experience the cultural diversity of Canada's top cities.

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British Columbia 

New Brunswick

Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan




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