Student Homestay Experience

Living with a local family is the ideal way to integrate into Canadian culture.

Visitors become a true member of the family and the community and participate in all the activities of daily life and practice their English.

Your new family is as excited to meet you as you are to meet them. Canadian families are very diverse, coming from a variety of ethnic cultural backgrounds. Families often reflect both typical "Canadian" lifestyles as well as traditions brought from their original culture. Regardless of the outward appearance and demographic of the family, you can be assured that your new host family is ready to look after you, care for you, and treat you as they would their own child.

Each family has a strong interest to welcome an international visitor into their home and is eager to provide a friendly, supportive and nurturing environment. Families believe that hosting a student is a rewarding and unique experience that will not only enrich the life of the young student, but that of their family’s as well.

All homestay families have been carefully screened and selected for their enthusiasm and ability to provide excellent hospitality. They go through an interview process and fill out a family profile. Our coordinators make customized selections with much care and attention to the students' and families' needs, requests, hobbies and personalities.

Host families come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and circumstances. We enlist a wide range of suitable families as hosts including, retired couples, single parent families and childless families. They will provide 3 meals daily, a private room and study area for the student. Families are available to host one or two guests.

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