Naoya Kaneda, Supervisor, Registration Department

Naoya Kaneda, Supervisor, Registration Department

I grew up in Japan and moved to Canada to attend a high school in Ontario. Since then, I have spent more than half of my life in Canada for high school, university, graduate school, and work. I have personally experienced what it is like to be abroad and away from my family and also had opportunities to participate spring/summer camps, summer schools, and ESL schools in various locations in North America. 


I have a Master’s degree in Geography and Bachelor’s degrees in Geography and Biology with a minor in Psychology. I have previously worked at a large international engineering before joining MLI as a High School Program Coordinator and now I am working with a great team of Groups department.  


I love to travel and speak Japanese and English fluently as well as a bit of Spanish.



What you love about MLI!

Everyone at MLI are amazingly friendly and we all work together to prepare a great experience for students in Canada.

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