Nao Washimi, High School Program Coordinator

Nao Washimi, High School Program Coordinator

Hi! My name is Nao Washimi. I am happy to be your high school coordinator. Let’s enjoy Canada together! 

To get to know each other well, I will tell you about myself.

I am from Osaka. I also had lived in Hiroshima and Aichi. I graduated from Doshisha University in Kyoto. My major was commerce and after graduation, I was an English teacher for children.

I love traveling! I’ve been to 14 countries. Next my direction will be South America, like Mexico and Brazil. I also enjoy watching movies, reading comic books and various kinds of MUSIC! Recently, I went to a Bruno Mars’s concert in Toronto.

Tell me your favorite types of music!

When I was a high school student, I experienced homestay in Australia for 4 weeks. Unfortunately, it was a tough memory for me. I couldn’t speak English and it made me so shy, I even regretted going there. But still I liked English so I came to Toronto to improve my English when I was 20. Still I was afraid to talk but I tried. Then my world changed completely. I made many friends from around the world and my confidence grew. A couple years later, I was able to visit some countries to see my new friends. I’d like you to experience such things, like making friends and overcoming your fears. A little courage changes your world! Let’s make things happen together! And please share your stories with me. I’m looking forward to talk with you. 

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