Loredana Pardo, High School Program Coordinator

Loredana Pardo, High School Program Coordinator

Hi! My name is Loredana Pardo but you can call me “Lore”, it's easier, right?

I am very excited to be your High School Program Coordinator, and I’m looking forward to a year of learning, fun, and growth together! I know so much about you already so it is only fair that I tell you a little about myself.

I am from Caracas, Venezuela and I came to Canada 4 years ago. In the beginning, my plan was to improve my English and return home. But a soon as I arrived I fell in love with this country and the people. So, I decided to be an international student and I applied at Centennial College in Toronto. Being an International Student was one of the most wonderful experiences that I could ever imagine. Having the opportunity to interact and learn with so many people from around the world is the best experience ever! And now it is your turn to have the same experience!! Isn’t it exciting?

Some fun facts about me: I speak Spanish and English, I love to travel, eat and meet people! My favorite soccer team is the Barcelona Football Club and my favorite season is Fall.  


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