Jennifer Kellie, Manager, Homestay East

Jennifer Kellie, Manager, Homestay East

After graduating from the University of Western, I moved to Japan where I started working as an ESL teacher at a private language school.  I quickly moved into a role as teacher trainer, working from the company head office, which provided me with invaluable insight into Japanese business culture.  Upon completion of my contract in Japan, I then spent another two years in Thailand, taking on a similar role with a prestigious language school, located in Bangkok.  My experiences overseas had a tremendous impact on so many aspects of my life and were part of the driving force that led me into a career, working with international students here in Canada.

I have been a part of the CISS-MLI team since 2000, taking on various roles including Supervisor and Manager for the international summer camps and teacher homestay operations.  I took one year away from my position to acquire my B.Ed, but found myself wanting to continue being a part of the CISS-MLI culture – and have been here ever since!  Now, I find myself in an exciting new role as Manager, Homestay East.  I am eager to bring many of the skills and experience that I have to the position, while learning new things and taking on new challenges.

I am a very active person!  I love early morning runs, working out at home, and taking bikram yoga classes on weekends.  My husband and I live in a fantastic part of Toronto and have his boys stay with us whenever possible.  We also recently started sharing our home with my sister and my two nephews – a true life hosting experience ????.

What I love about MLI – I firmly believe that our team stands behind our company mission, values, and vision.  Everyone I work with is genuinely dedicated to ensuring the best possible experience for our students and host families alike.  Our mutual goal is for students and families to share the unique opportunity for cultural exchange, making our world feel just a wee bit smaller!

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