Eugene Woods, Homestay Administrator

Eugene Woods, Homestay Administrator

I was born in Toronto, Canada, but my background is from the beautiful Caribbean. My mother tongue is English as my parents and grandparents all come from the British Commonwealth West Indies. I hold Bachelor’s Degrees in International Business and Marketing Management. I had the exciting opportunity to work in Tokyo, Japan for 20 years working at various Universities in the Foreign Language Departments teaching English. Since returning back home, I have worked as an International Student Advisor for a private organization, helping students primarily from Asia to transition to Canadian culture, heritage, customs and laws while supporting their academic success.

This extensive role of International Student Advisor has given me valuable experience in the areas of providing academic advising, career counselling and new student orientation to meet the needs of the international student. Throughout my career, I have spent time helping students from different walks of life to achieve their goals.

I am excited to start with this wonderful new opportunity to contribute to the continued success of Muskoka Language International.

Looking forward to working with you.

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