Elizabeth Kim, Group Coordinator

Elizabeth Kim, Group Coordinator

I love traveling, food, music and being informed about current events. You may catch me on those few moments we get to rest glued to CPAC or CNN (Blame the political science major in me!). I love leading an active life and love to be outside in the sunshine. I have a very weak tolerance and patience level with the cold and that is why you will always find me on the west coast.

As I mentioned my major is in political science and I am a history minor so I love all things new and old. I speak Korean, English and am trying to learn more languages all the time (so far I have taken 1 beginner Japanese course which hasn’t left me with much but I hope to improve that and I have very very broken Spanish which I can understand more than I can speak!)

My area of specialty at MLI is Groups! I have been working in this department for almost 4 years now so I feel very knowledgeable in all types of groups all year round.

What I love about MLI: I love that we can show off this beautiful country in such a unique way! It combines two things I am very passionate about, Education & Travel, so I love how through our programs students can be changed and expand their world view in such a short amount of time. It’s awesome to see how a student changes from arrival day to departure day all because of the program we deliver! Very fun to see!

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