Customize your Study Tour

MLI can customize a group tour to meet the needs, interests, and special focus of your group. MLI Group Coordinators will assist you with designing a unique study tour for your group program using the information that you provide about your school, desired locations to visit, length of stay and group budget. We offer many types of programs and can include special and unique elements such as:

international student studying english in ESL class

Specialized English / French class

MLI language classes are customized to different themes such as Canadian culture, Environment, Science, Multiculturalism, Leadership, Presentation Skills Development, and more.

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canadian assistants for international students

Canadian Assistants

Canadian students will assist visiting students in their classes, during activities and excursions. Visiting students will be encouraged to gain confidence in their communication skills.

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Summer camp for international student groups

Eco Studies

MLI has partnered with local camps and outdoor recreation facilities to create educational, challenging and inspiring eco programs for international student groups.

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volunteerism for international students


Students have put effort into learning about the amazing work that charitable organizations in the community are doing and then have the chance to work with them to raise funds.

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guest speakers for international students

Guest speakers

MLI would be pleased to assist your group with arranging an interactive learning experience with an important community member, a university professor, a researcher, or entrepreneur.

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learning about first nations studies in Canada

First Nations Studies

MLI student groups are encouraged to learn all about Canada’s history and a key part of their learning can take place in one of the many First Nations historic sites.

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special local activities in canada

Special local activities

Each community that MLI study tours visit has their own unique heritage, special events, cultural significance and natural beauty. We will help your group arrange special Canadian experiences.

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sightseeing in canada niagara falls


Canada is a country full of beautiful natural attractions and places of historical significance. Our coordinators are available to assist you with any necessary travel arrangements.

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