Accommodation Options

MLI provides many different accommodation options for your groups. Our accommodation options offer not only comfortable places to stay but also real Canadian experience for your groups. When designing your customized group experience, MLI can help you decide which accommodation options will best suit your needs based on the size of group, age of group, interests, location and time of year of travel. 

Groups can choose to stay in one type of accommodation for the whole program or combine varying durations of stay in 1, 2 or even 3 types of accommodation. Click here for sample itineraries that demonstrate different combinations of accommodation.


host family for international students in canada

Living with a local family is the ideal way to integrate into Canadian culture. Visitors become a true member of the family and the community and participate in all the activities of daily life and practice their English.

Each family has a strong interest in welcoming an international visitor into their home and is eager to provide a friendly, supportive and nurturing environment. Families believe that hosting a student is a rewarding and unique experience that will not only enrich the life of the young student, but that of their family's as well.

Host families come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and circumstances. We enlist a wide range of suitable families as hosts including: retired couples, single parent families, traditional nuclear families with two parents and children, and childless families.


dormitory for international students in canada

Participants staying at a dorm of a private school, university or college will enjoy the benefits of a secure and diverse environment in an academic setting. The layout and size of the dorm room will vary depending on the location and facility you choose. Students might share a room or the bathroom, but each will have their own bed. Many campuses have beautiful grounds and students have the opportunity to participate in sports and activity programs on-site. Meal plans can be customized to suit the needs of the group. The group will be required to comply with any restrictions that are in place at the facility regarding age, and number of accompanying adults for overnight supervision.


international students enjoying campfire in canada

There are many camp locations across Canada that are available to host student groups on beautiful, spacious grounds in natural settings. Some camps are located on or near lakes, and have facilities and equipment that allow students to participate in various sports. Students would share cabins or have a bed in shared rooms in dormitory buildings; and share bathrooms. Full meal programs and activity programs are available to customize to your group’s needs. Many camps are heated and available to host groups in the winter. A camp setting is a wonderful choice for groups that are interested in environmental learning and eco-study programs. 

Please note that the availability of the following options depends on the location and season. Please contact for further information.

MLI is pleased to help you create a unique study tour experience. Please download a Quotation Request form and send to to start planning your tour.

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