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MLI is a national organization with offices in Toronto and Vancouver and Local Coordinators and support staff working in communities across the country.

Given our national presence, students, parents and clients can be assured of our high standard of quality no matter where they decide to travel and study. MLI actively runs High School programs, Study Tours and Homestay programs in the following provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

Whether students are travelling in a study group (10-600+ students) or individually for our high school programs or homestay programs, they can count on the support of a local team of MLI staff to support their success.

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MLI (Muskoka Language International) and CISS (Canadian International Student Services) have a long-standing partnership of nearly 20 years. Our companies each share a passion for providing international students with top-quality transformative learning experiences in Canada. We have a tradition of successfully collaborating with complimentary product offerings for the under 18 years market. In fact, for the majority of our shared history, we have worked in the same offices, drawing on our collective knowledge and expertise. 

In 2019, MLI marked its’ 25th year of operation and  CISS will mark its’ 40th anniversary. We proudly choose this monumental year to announce the official union of our two brands as one - CISS MLI.

Together, we are uniquely positioned as specialists in this market segment, offering the most comprehensive product opportunities for young students at any point in their learning journey.  As a single organization, we now offer four product units - Summer Camps, Group Study Tours, Junior and Senior High School Placement, and Homestay Services. 

Our vision is continued growth while maintaining our commitment to excellence. We want to reassure you that our operations remain the same and that your main contacts will not change.  We appreciate your support and look forward to our continued partnership as we enter this exciting new phase.

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