Saori Takemoto, High School Programme Coordinator

Saori Takemoto, High School Programme Coordinator

I enjoy playing sports, including but not limited to swimming, skating and dancing. I also like to stay in during the extremely cold Canadian winters and watch movies and read novels. 

I am originally from Japan but I was born in Singapore and lived there for 6 years.  I went on a two-week summer program in Canada when I was 12 and I fell in love with the country.  I came to Canada when I was 14 years old and attended a boarding school.  I’ve been living in Ontario ever since. 

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Classical Studies at Queen’s University, where I studied the ancient history of Greece and Rome. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Toronto, where I became qualified to teach in kindergartens and elementary schools in Ontario. 

Having been an international student in a Canadian middle/high school, I have an understanding of what international students go through when studying abroad. I hope this experience will help me be better able to support international students so they can have amazing experiences abroad, just like I have. 

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